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greetings from a fellow sojourner

November 17, 2015


A sojourner is one who understands and has come to embrace the truth that he is a temporary resident. His path may take him to reside long in one place, but the stakes he plants are still only tent stakes.

He is not a wanderer, who drifts along without purpose. Rather, he discerns that the path he travels is established before him. Where he resides is the place he is to live, love, learn and share in fullness.

There is a certain oldness and youthfulness that can be seen in the face of the sojourner. Every encounter along the way further defines and brings him closer to who he was created to be. Everyone he encounters along the way is also changed.

So here and now, you and I make this encounter. Your path has intersected mine. I am hopeful that we can both be refreshed and challenged along the way as we explore, discover, experience and share together.

My interest is in things that matter. You know those things that seem to have a fragrance that distinguishes them above all the other things that are scattered about — a higherfragrance.

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