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the power of the message

December 14, 2015

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In these posts, we have been speaking a lot about the message. In publicly positioning your organization’s core identity in the marketplace, the message is the means by which you unfold your story.

As we have seen, your branding must always form the foundation upon which your advertising is built. Your messaging begins the narrative that discloses who you are and what you have to offer. This narrative alone may help the public to distinguish you from a host of competitors, but that is about as far as it can go.

There must be a compelling “Why” that accompanies this message. The “why” draws upon the energy of your integrity and aspirations of success, supplying the depth, hues, and colors that distinguish both you and your offerings.

One of the most common missteps along this path is allowing the message to become muddled or diluted. There is a trajectory in the growing public awareness of your brand that must not be interrupted by the introduction of conflicting messages. For it to continue to build into a positive perception, the messaging must maintain consistency.

Although the consistency must be focused on the brand, the message’s presentation is continuously being refreshed. It is this refreshing that helps to build the enhancement of the public’s expectations.

Brand messaging that is confused or vague betrays the underlying problem of a missing identity. The message cannot create an identity, but is built from the stuff of the identity.

The message that enhances enlarges, and supports the brand must have a solid foundation upon which to build. That is, you must first come to a basic and honest understanding of the “who, what, and why questions regarding your brand identity.

Know who you are, be who you are, and unleash that energy in your message.

Next up: The Advertised Brand

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