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how to be heard in a crowded space

January 18, 2016

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You had this amazing idea of how to turn your passion into a viable business.

This is what you have dreamed of for as long as you can remember. You and your two equally passionate partners have been working night and day for close to a year preparing for your launch. It’s time to turn that passion into a marketing strategy. Where do you begin?

Consider what you have to say that’s worth hearing

  • That is, you must have an actual message to share before you begin to engage the public. The message is to provide information and create value perception centered in your core identity, your brand. The information you share tells a story that helps the public to understand who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Your story is much more than information, it is brought to life by the passion that first gave birth to your dream, and continues to energize you. You believe that message because it is real and true and what you are building with your own hands.
  • You either have something that is worth hearing, or you don’t have a dream, a story, or even a real identity. Your message taps into that true story and speaks directly to real

Consider your target audience

  • Your audience is composed of the universe of those who are most likely to resonate with your message. They are actually potential customers, however at this initial stage, it is more conducive to consider them an audience. It is far too easy to fall into the trap of simply targeting sales rather than building a core response base. It is also too easy simply to start hawking your goods, rather than sharing your message.
  • You will be targeting a core audience, which can simply be identified as having an established history of, or predisposition towards engaging with brands offering similar products and services as yours. If you truly know and understand the brand you are building, it won’t be difficult to identify and qualify your target audience.
  • When you connect with this audience, your initial goal is to involve them in your story, so that they catch a sight of your vision, integrity and passion. That is your value proposition, and it is what will build your business.

Those who are already listening to you should be spoken to directly

  • You already have a core following, or you wouldn’t have gotten this far. Hopefully, you have been sharing your story as your dream was taking shape, and you’ve seen that following grow with you. This is your core audience, and actually your most valuable resource. They already love your vision and want your brand to become successful. They will share your message because they know you live that message. They have already experienced your integrity and passion, and openly support its veracity.
  • You must always speak directly and personally to your core support. That core group will continue to grow as long as you demonstrate your support and honest appreciation of them.

Those closest to you are more likely to hear you than those at a distance

  • Locality should always be your highest priority when sharing your message. If your target audience has to travel 25 minutes to test your offerings, there is far less likelihood that you will draw many from that group. Although you may pull and retain some as periodic destination shoppers, your core support will be local.
  • This does not mean that you should neglect casting your net more widely. You should just be wise in how you allocate your advertising dollars.

Those who have the most in common with those who are listening should be spoken to in the same manner

  • Once you have proven and established your core, you are in a much better position to understand the most likely audience that really connects with what you have to offer. These “look-a-likes” may at this point be spoken to directly and personally in the same manner as your core audience. The only difference is that their message will have an invitational offer.

Those most likely to listen are more easily persuaded if addressed in a manner in which they are accustomed

  • This has to do as much with the style and tone of the messaging as it does the mix of media used to broadcast that message. There are those who prefer email or text, while others want printed direct mail, television, radio or newspaper. And, be sure to make social media one of your highest priorities. There is no medium you have available that can rival this close, personal connection to keep your message fresh and inviting. Once you know their preferences, be careful to manage your lists.

It is never about how loudly you speak

  • This again, has to do with the style and tone, but even more, with the frequency of your messaging.

Your messaging should be tailored to your audience, yet always consistent

  • Considering your audience’s demographics and psychographics should help you diversify the presentation of your message, however this diversity should never overshadow the consistency of your branding. Once you allow your brand’s consistency to suffer by your attempts to chase diversity in your advertising, your real message will be lost.
  • Always remember what gave rise to your dream and the passion that drove you forward, and the integrity that sustains you. That is your real message and your future. Lose track of those things, and you might as well just start hawking your goods to whomever you can grab.

Results are feedback to be used to fine-tune your message, target and goal

  • Analyze the results, don’t immortalize them. In the long term, each campaign brings you closer to understanding how better to move forward. In the short term, it is too easy to categorize results as wins or losses, and then move on to the next attempt. It is worth the extra time, effort and cost to analyze fully the results. That is, if you are open to learn and adjust your course as you move forward.

Consider what you have to say that’s worth hearing…

  • This is where you started, and this is where you have to return. You can never stray far from center without diluting your brand. Know who you are, be who you are, and unleash that energy in your message.


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