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heard any good stories lately?

March 11, 2016






A good storyteller will always capture you.

It is likely that you won’t even realize that it is happening. At some point during the monologue you shift from simply hearing and begin seeing, feeling and experiencing the tale. A connection is made that you are not fully aware of until the story is finished.

Possibly the most interesting aspect of the connection between the teller and the hearer is how we each contribute from our own experiences to the actual story. As the color of the sky is woven into the story, it is that striking, clear blue that has so often captured your eye, which you paint into the narrative. It is the lush green clover of your childhood experiences that covers the hills beyond. You have begun to discover the story together as each visual, sensual and emotional aspect of the scene unfolds. You are contributing as much to the story as the storyteller.

The story is new each time it is told, not because it has changed, but because it comes to life afresh only in the telling. Each person who hears, also sees, feels and contributes to its freshness. The storyteller senses that contribution, and incorporates that energy into the story that has been repeated so many times before. The story does not change, but it has been born one more time.

Storytelling has been called a rare art in its purest sense; an art that is expressed and given life and breath through gifted individuals. This may be true, but that is not the whole story. A story is given life only in the telling and hearing of it, as each infuse their unique life breath into its narrative.

I believe that this is what provides storytelling the ability to reach that deep place inside which seems to long for its touch. This is how even the simplest of stories capture us, and with mere words, incite our emotions and imagination to participate in its unfolding.

In the truest sense, we are all storytellers, though not necessarily gifted ones. It is out of the deep well of our life experiences that we learn how to communicate and connect with others. We share from this store of learned lessons, sights, sounds and sensations. We long to connect and experience together our individual worlds. However recluse one might tend to become, that longing never loses its grasp. In the honest expression of that longing is created community.

Have you heard any good stories lately?

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