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is there a path back?

May 25, 2016




The tug of the familiar is always present, as are the memories of an earlier time. We connect with them in a much different way than we lived them…


The familiar was not always a comfortable place. It roughly intruded into my life, and forced itself upon me. I don’t really remember the struggle; I only remember that my resistance slowly became acceptance. It is now a safe place, where I know that I am always welcome. I find that I am reluctant to stray far, but I am somehow all right with that.

Nostalgia is a word we made up to distract ourselves from the present struggle. It provides us the means to look back safely on a time that was anything but safe as we experienced it. Those days were filled with uncertainty; we narrowly escaped them with our lives. Every bad choice we made led to another. We were learning as we went, but always the hard way. We can now laugh at these things, and derive a bit of needed courage from them, seeing that we did indeed survive them.

Although we experience a present sense of bearing from both the familiar and our nostalgic way of remembering earlier times, they are also personally limiting. They are made up of an uncertain alliance we have made with caution. That alliance is uncertain because there is no lasting friendship possible with caution. It offers simply a momentary suspension of time in order to force a decision on the next step.

We limit our possibilities, withdrawing into the familiar and building alliances with caution. Life is highly disruptive and laughs at our cautious ways. The path forward, however, doesn’t require throwing caution to the wind and forsaking the familiar. Caution is a tool in our hands, as we cut our way through unfamiliar terrain. What we have learned from the familiar assists us in our current struggle to understand our encounters along the way.

Although you and I are always feeling that slight tug upon us to settle in, is that really as safe a place as we imagine? We hear that gentle whisper to turn and retreat to earlier times, but is there really a path back? And even if there were, why would you want to go back there, seeing there is so much ahead?


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